Assembly Stent

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Length : L600
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Explaination:This product belongs to the non-standard custom-madeProducts are priced in 10cm units

Stent customization process

  1. According to the reference pattern provided by the system, select the suitable pattern
  2. The name of each part marked on the patternDetermining the exact size you needThe size of the part of the drawing that is required in the“Custom requirements”
  3. After determining the relevant sizeCalculate the total length of the whole bracketNote: The units are cm
  4. The total lengthThe units are 10cm)/ 10 (That is, the number of pieces to be purchased),Then shoot the number of pieces required according to the calculated value。(Note:If the size of each part can not reach a multiple of 10cmThe maximum value is taken in multiples of 10cm , for example :16CM ,The total length is counted at 20cm
  5. Remarks after purchaseRemarksThe pattern number selectedThe actual required size of each part。(That is, the actual processing size

For Example:

  1. Select pattern three
  2. Required size:length is 80CM , width is 30CM,height is 35CM (The total length is counted at 40cm
  3. Total length:220CM
  4. 220CM / 10 =22
  5. Purchasing 22 pieces, Remarks: pattern three,length is 80CM , width is 30CM,heigth is 35CM (That is, the actual processing size

Note:If the pattern does not fitYou can refer to the pattern formSelf-design bracket structure diagram to usWe will make it according to the new patternThe purchase process for the new stent structure remains the same