D-LED Downlight 150W

Succulent、Cactus、Orchids、Carnivorous、Rose、Ornamental plants、Potted Vegetables And Fruits、Greenhouse、Various flowers ect.
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Power : 150W
Spectrum : White(60W63)
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Product Characteristic

Suitable Plants :Succulent、Cactus、Cacnea、Stone Lotus、Orchids、Carnivorous、Rose、Ornamental plants、Potted Vegetables And Fruits、Greenhouse、Various flowers ect.

Recommended to supplement light time:6-8 hours per day

Fixing/Suspension method :Chain  (Vertical lighting is recommended)

Product operating temperature :The shell temperature is about 50-55℃ when the light works ,the ambient temperature directly below the light is almost the same as the ambient temperature .

Waterproof: Waterproof grade of the light is IP64 ,Waterproof grade of the driver is IP65 ,can splash a small amount of water on the lamp body

Power line and plug :national standard plug(can be customized to different countries plug),3*0.5mm2 copper core CE certificate high temperature resistant 105℃ rubber wire,standard line length is 1.5M(customizable extension ), the lamp body and the power supply driver connection standard line length is 1.5M(customizable extension )

Dimensions( W*H ):200mm*150mm

Led chips and quantity2835 ;330PCS


Applicable scenario :Aquarium、indoor  planting and balcony(shelter from the rain)、greenhouse projects

D-LED150WI (150W)

Recommended Suspension Height(To the top of leaves):40CM

Light intensity (lx) and EQ(PPFD)

28K around ;520umol/mm2/s around (height 40CM)

14.5K around ;270umol/mm2/s around (height 60CM)

6K around ;115umol/mm2/s around (height 100CM)

Suitable coverage size (diameter)0.86M around

Led chips and quantity2835 ;330PCS