Succulent、Cactus、Cacnea、Stone Lotus、Orchids、Carnivorous、Rose、Ornamental plants、Potted Vegetables And Fruits、Various flowers ect.
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Power : 150W
Spectrum : White(60W63)
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Product Characteristic

Suitable Plants :Succulent、Cactus、Cacnea、Stone Lotus、Orchids、Carnivorous、Rose、Ornamental plants、Potted Vegetables And Fruits、Greenhouse、Various flowers ect.

Recommended to supplement light time:8-10 hours per day

Product operating temperature :The shell temperature is about 45-50℃ when the light works ,the ambient temperature directly below the light is almost the same as the ambient temperature .

Waterproof: Waterproof grade of the light is IP64

Power line and plug :Plug  with 303 switch(can be customized to different countries plug),2*0.3mm2 copper core wire,standard line length is 1.5M

Dimensions( L*W*H ):1200mm*67mm*60mm

Led chips and quantity2835 ;360PCS



(Testing value is based on the height 30CM)


Recommended Suspension Height(To the top of leaves):45-50CM

Light intensity (lx) and EQ(PPFD)20K around ;380umol/mm2/s around

Suitable size (length * width)1.2M*0.6M